Vegan cooking, biking and sailing

This Summer the Feniks will make two special tours. 

The well known chef Maroeska Metz will give workshops in plant based cooking. She is convinced that this is the future and it is possible to make food that tastes so good, you will not miss the meat.

She will do that every day with a small group (4-5 guests) while the others will bike along the Flamish and Wallonian industrial heritage. The next day other guests will have a similar workshop with different dishes.

It combines the fun of biking in a beautiful countryside and making a river cruise on the river Scheldt.

The first week the tour starts in Bruges and follows the Scheldt to Brussels. The second week makes the tour in reverse order.

You will visit Ghent, Oudenaarde and Tournai, Belgian cities with medieval roots. You will also visit some monuments of industrial heritage: de Shipping Elevator of Strépy-Thieu will lift the barge (and you!) 70 mtr high. The Inclining Plane of Ronquières will bring you down again the same 70 mtr. Stunning!

In Mons you will visit Le Grand Hornu. A monument of large scale coal mining at the height of the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century. It is built by a progressive entrepreneur with a sharp eye on the interests of his laborers. 

Today it houses the Centre for Innovation and Design.

The tour ends and starts in Halle a suburb a little south of Brussels. Both Bruges and Halle have good railway connections.

22/7 – 29/7 Bruges – Brussels
29/7 – 5/8  Brussels – Bruges