General information

Start and finish

All tours start on Monday afternoon between 12 and 2 PM and end the next Monday after breakfast or two weeks later if you do a two week trip. 

The weather
In Holland temperatures vary between 55 and 67°F (13 and 19°C) in spring. Slightly chilly but often nice and warm and only an occasional rainy day. In summer, it is between 68 and 90°F (20 and 30°C)  and mostly dry, but there is always the possibility of a rainy day. In autumn (fall), temperatures drop between 65 and 77°F (18 and 25°C) . As from September we experience an Indian Summer, and also October can be still very nice with its blue skies, although warmer clothes are needed. In Belgium the weather is pretty much the same as in Holland, although since we go further south, it may be a few degrees warmer. In France, the summer lasts longer: between May and October it can be very nice, between 68 and 90°F (20 and 32°C)

The roads you’ll bike
Most of our cycle tours will be mainly on paved roads. Holland has bike paths everywhere; so does Belgium in most areas, although in some places the paths are cobbled. In France, most tracks are paved, but sometimes you will bike on the same road as the cars do. Holland is flat, with a few small hills, whereas in Belgium there are more hills, but the going is still easy. In France, the landscape gets hillier, and you might choose to walk some small distances with your bike if the slope is too steep.

What to pack
As well as packing personal things, most cyclists cycle in bike clothes and wear a bike helmet. It is all up to you, though on the hillier tracks it is safer to wear a helmet. We have extra helmets on the boat, just in case you forgot to bring your own. It is wise to bring your rain gear (there is always the possibility of rain) and also your bathing suit, in case we find a nice place to swim. Also a sweater for cold evenings is comfortable.

Laundry service
Getting your laundry done while travelling can be a hassle. We lighten that burden, just give us your diry clothes in the morning and you will get it back the end of the day, freshly laundered. All you have to do is hang out your laundry to dry on the midship and you can enjoy your clean clothes again.

Electricity 220 volt on board, so you might need an adapter. We have a hairdryer you can use hanging in the hallway.

First Aid
Our cycle guide has a first-aid kit in case something happens on the road and on board our first-aid kit comes along with ice packs to cool your joints, if needed.
In case of any special needs or wishes regarding your personal medical condition or health? Let us know, and we will take all possible precautions.